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    • Belarusian state university of transport and tribo-fatigue 

      Senko, V. I. (Belarusian state university of transport, 2015)
    • New Section of mechanics 

      Sosnovskiy, L. A.; Zhuravkov, M. A.; Sherbakov, S. S.; Makhutov, N. A.; Senko, V. I.; Bogdanovich, A. V.; Yelovoy, O. M.; Komissarov, V. V. (Belarusian state university of transport, 2015)
      Fatigue is a stern scourge of modern machinery; friction is an amazing phenomenon of nature; wear is a crafty enemy of any system which moves or is deformed. Tribo-Fatigue is the unifying science that treats fatigue, ...